About us

The Bank for Inclusive Funds and Technologies is part of the National Association of Resource Teachers (NART) and is supported by the UK charities PhysioNet and Frontline  which are based in Yorkshire, England.

PhysioNet was established in 2005 to provide physiotherapy equipment for children with disabilities from Central and Eastern Europe and developing countries around the world. All equipment is refurbished before being sent.

NART is an organization established in 2011which unites professionals from across the country, working in the field of educational inclusion. NART works in partnership with the Regional Centers for Support of The Process Of Inclusive Education, which are part of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Each donation of equipment donated by PhysioNet and Frontline is provided to Bulgarian families and organizations working with children with disabilities for a fee covering only transportation, logistics and storage costs. Fees are minimal and are in the form of donations. Anyone can also donate larger amounts to be used for the development of the bank.

The Bank also receives  support from Bulgarian families who have equioment in good condition them that is no longer useful for them and can be donated to help other children.

The Bank provides technical facilities primarily for children and young people, but it is possible that separate equipment is used by adults.


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