The National Association of Resource Teachers, together with the English organizations Physio Net and Frontline, organizes the delivery and distribution of a large donation of aids for children with physical disabilities in Bulgaria.

NART is a national non-governmental organization bringing together professionals working for the full inclusion, integration and education of children with different opportunities and needs in a general educational environment.

PhysioNet is a foundation, based in Yorkshire, England, established in 2005 to provide physiotherapy equipment for disabled children from Central and Eastern Europe and from developing countries around the world. All equipment has been gathered and renovated by PhysioNet before being shipped.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a well-known practice in many countries around the world that aims at maximizing the autonomy and independence of individuals with physical, mental and emotional disabilities by developing, restoring, maintaining or changing their daily self-service and working skills. In addition, Occupational therapists help people compensate for their permanently impaired functions by adapting their home, school and work environment.

The main objective of the OT treatment is to ensure full and active participation of people with disabilities in society and to improve the quality of their lives. A distinctive feature of OT is the holistic approach to the client, who is placed at the center of the therapeutic process.

For several years , the National Association of Resource Teachers (NART) has been working on the introduction of OT in schools.



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+For how long can I use the equipment that I will recieve?
+How many pieces of equipment can I get?
+If my equipment needs repair, what should I do?
+If I no longer need the equipment, what should I do?

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